My work deals with the themes of our relationships to each other as human beings, and the way in which we relate to our environment. I want to dramatise the complexity of these relationships.

On one level my subject is the struggle of the individual to achieve personal liberation and knowledge through the journey inward. This part of my work is expressed using visionary imagery of a personal nature, accumulated over many years in numerous drawings and paintings.

The dynamics of our consciousness, of the complex levels in which it operates, including the imagery of our unconscious dreams and desires, is the internal expression of what we, as human beings, manifest in the physical world. I use figures, landscapes and contexts, of an allegorical and mythical character, conceived by my own imagination, to express these forces, qualities, and motives.

I also want to dramatise the conflict between contemporary political and social realities, consumerist capitalism, and the exploitation of the natural world, with those other, wholly organic and natural processes that exist in the world.
These ideas will be expressed using a variety of imagery, including figures from cultures older than our own, contemporary figures, and animal, bird and other imagery from the natural world.

Gods and Goddesses, and other supernatural beings, which personify and give a form to natural and human forces and qualities, will be juxtaposed with images of the contemporary reality in which we live.

The cultural, historical, and allegorical associations of these references will locate our present situation within the context of our unbroken history.



I was brought up in the North of England, in Rochdale near Manchester.
My first major artistic influences were Italian Renaissance painting; and then the punk revolution in music: the whole ethos that art should exist because of the necessity to express one’s reality, irrespective of status, qualification, acceptability or convention.
I was inspired by the empty moorland landscape of the Pennine hills of North West England.

Another great artistic influence was the work of Max Beckmann, which showed the events of the world, in all their diversity and complexity, taking place as if on a stage, with the protagonists seen, in some sense, as actors. Here was shown the co-existence of the beautiful and the horrific.
I am inspired by the Alchemical tradition in Western Art, which gives a visual form to the hidden workings of the mind and spirit.
I believe that art should form an integrated part of the fabric of our lives, and not be restricted to the inside of Art Galleries, but be visible on the outside of buildings and in public places, as it was during the Renaissance.


Date of Birth:




Kensington and Chelsea College:
BTEC Professional Development Certificate in Fine Art
Management and Professional Practice:
Unit 1: Marketing and Publicity
Unit 2: Exhibition Management
Unit 3: Contemporary Issues in Art and Design
Unit 4: Studio Administration and Management
Unit 5: Cultural Exchange
City and Guilds Teacher Training


Sheffield Hallam University
BA Hons Degree in Fine Art (2:1)


Rochdale College of Art
Foundation Course


‘Mutiny at the Bargehouse’, Oxo Tower Wharf,
Southbank, London 2003

‘360 degrees’ at the Camden Roundhouse, London 2001

Hortensia Art Gallery, Chelsea, London 2000

Crewe Bus Station 1998

Picture Man Gallery, Chiswick, London 1998

Churzee Studio Gallery, London 1997

Sunshine Gallery, Hay’s Galleria, London 1995

Meard Street Gallery, Artist’s Co-operative,
London 1988

Athena Art Awards, Barbican Art Gallery, London 1987

Athena Art Awards, Mall Galleries, London 1986

Dover Street Gallery, Piccadilly, London 1986

Royal Academy Business Galleries, London 1985

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London 1984

Phoenix Gallery, Lavenham, Suffolk 1984

Vauxhall Grove Artists’ Co-operative, London 1983

Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries
London 1978

Swinton Art Gallery, Manchester 1978

Rochdale Art Gallery 1976

Paintings in private collections in Oakland California, Paris and London.